KomodoIDE Crashes When Typing in Code

I was merrily writing some perl code when Komodo crashed on me. I think this is the first time I have seen this happen to me.

I restarted Komodo, retried same result.

I rebooted the system, retried, same issue. It does not seem to matter what file I am editing.

I uninstalled, reinstalled the latest versions. When doing this I renamed the “AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE” and “AppData\Local\ActiveState\Komodo IDE” directories as well as the “C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveState Komodo IDE 9” after the uninstall, though before the reinstall.

After all this, the same problem occurs, type a few characters (does not matter what I type). The screen freezes for a few seconds and then a crash message.

I am able to work in Komodo 7.1 (on the same system) with no issues.

Are there other directories/files that I can remove (other than those listed above) to try to do a completely fresh install? I need to get this working again.

I am running on Windows 7 64, I just installed “Komodo-IDE-9.3.2-88191.msi”, I am not sure what my versions was before I uninstalled and reinstalled, though I know it was also very recent (could have been same version).

Hi, do you get the same problem when you restart Komodo in safe mode? (Help > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-Mode). If so, please send the contents of your pystderr.log file (should be in one of the directories you mentioned above). That may help us diagnose the problem. If restarting in Safe-Mode does fix the problem, then there’s something in your Komodo user profile directory that is causing the problem. Backing up and deleting it should solve the problem.

I did the uninstall (including preferences) and re-install and now it seems to be working for me. If I have a problem again, I will try SafeMode (and capture the log). Thanks for your response.

“Me too” Windows 10 w/ Komodo Edit 10 – random crashes, sometimes twice an hour; sometimes ‘never’.

After Komodo crashed, please share your log file (but don’t run Komodo again! It will clear the log file).