Komodo X codeintell

Everytime I open the same Laravel project. Komodo X codeintell starts scanning vendor/ directory. Think that was not happening on older Komodo versions.

Are scan results cached somehow?, because it starts everytime I open the same project?

Codeintel wants to ensure its database is up to date, in case any code has changed from the last time you opened the project. I think this is expected behavior.

For what it’s worth, the next version of Komodo will allow you to select certain directories to ignore; if you don’t need the vendor directory, you’ll be able to have codeintel skip it.

10 minutes of Python process eating 90% of cpu; is that normal?
While Komodo IDE 9.x does not lag at all.

Also, you can currently ignore files and directories in project properties.

It depends on how large your project is and how many files there are to scan. I’ve seen codeintel chugging away for a good half hour when opening a very large project.

In my case it is a blank Laravel project.
Unfortunately rendering PC useless for 10 mins is unacceptable for casual use I guess.

“blank” is a bit vague. I don’t know Laravel, but aren’t there lots of PHP files that need to be scanned that are in subdirectories? Perhaps you don’t have any source files that need to be scanned, but there may be a large number of support files that do.

Did not want to compare Komodo X to other IDEs here. And my point about Komodo 9 flying went unnoticed.

However managed to solve this thing myself.
Deleting ~/Library/Application Support/KomodoIDE/10.1/codeintel made Komodo X fly again.
And it can provide useful code autocomple on a blank :slight_smile: Laravel project under a minute.

Thank you. You bring up a very good point. Sometimes the codeintel database is so large after a long period of time that clearing it may be advantageous :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting back!

I think I have update here.
When I open a project and keep switching between files and typing, I can notice codeintell error: “database is locked”. If I wait for a while after opening a project - everything everything seems fine. However, switching and typing shits the bed at ~/Library/Application Support/KomodoIDE/10.1/codeintel.

P.S. good luck looking at codeintell notifications while working fullscreen in focus mode. Green shrekalike blob doesn’t help much.