Komodo license not recognized

I wanted to start using Komodo again after more than a year break from scripting - I have upgraded to Komodo 9 (not 10), and I have license for it, although it is out of support.

I re-installed the license and the executable locally but Komodo does not seem to recognize the license. Brings up the “Start a 21-day trial” window.

Version -

[2016-10-03 15:07:24,355] [INFO] Startup: Welcome to Komodo IDE 9.0.1 build 87208 (platform linux-x86_64, running on Linux 2.6.32-642.3.1.el6.x86_64 version #1 SMP Sun Jun 26 18:16:44 EDT 2016)
[2016-10-03 15:07:24,356] [INFO] Startup: /usr/bin/python built on Thu Apr 16 12:42:33 2015

License file -


I should not have to upgrade to use Komodo 9, correct, albeit without support and automatic upgrade.

Please never share your license file publicly.

We cannot handle license inquiries via the forums, please contact support@activestate.com so we can resolve your issue.