Komodo + Jedi for Python?

Do Komodo team consider integrate Jedi for better Python support?
The problem is that, CodeIntel in Komodo 10 is not stable. Many times the autocomple doesn’t work (no dropdown), “go to definition” also doesn’t work (press shortcut key but no move).

By the way, “Code Browser” in Komodo IDE 10 fail to parse Python 3.5 code, if the code has “async/await” keywords

Komodo IDE 11 will have a new CodeIntel which should fix the problems you have (lack of completions/goto definition).

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Thanks for the suggestion, but we prefer not to attempt to include and interface with such 3rd party components. As mentioned, Komodo 11 should have more improved CodeIntel (though still not perfect). If you experience any issues with it, please use our bugtracker: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues. Thanks.