Komodo indent preventing Beautify js tabs

Arg, I’ve spent all morning just trying to get tabs working! Every little time I inch forward, another bug pops up. I haven’t even had time to write any new content! @nathanr, this is when it starts to sound like I’m frustrated—because I am again.

I have Beautify js installed and set up to use tabs for indention. Otherwise I have not changed its settings. Likewise I have not changed Komodo’s tab settings.

I take the following file (using spaces for indent) and paste it into Komodo.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE html><html  lang="en-us"  xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <p>For a computer program to be useful, it usually needs to gather input from the user, and also
      needs to provide output back to the user after processing. The approach it uses to interact
      with the user is called the <dfn>user interface</dfn> (UI) of the program. The specific user
      interface may be as complicated as a <dfn>graphical user interface</dfn> (GUI), complete with
      windows, dialogs boxes, and buttons.</p>

I change the language to HTML5 and invoke Beautify js. It indents with spaces!

But the strange thing is that I can open an existing .xhtml file that happens to use tabs, and if I paste in the same source code (deleting the existing code), Beautify js indents with tabs!

Somehow Komodo seems to be remembering indent settings on a per-file basis and overriding Beautify js settings!!!

@garretwilson tested this but i can’t reproduce this, also what you describe is technically impossible.
The beautify addon only looks at the settings provided in the settings screen form the addon.
If you run beatify js it will take the selection or buffer, run it true the beautify script with the settings provided by the addon settings. Then it will replace the buffer or selection with new generated code.
This will be the same as grabbing your code run it true the online beautifier and pasting it back in komodo.

The beautify js addon will only indent with spaces if this is provided by the settings of the addon.

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