Komodo IDE random crashing

Komodo IDE, version 9.3.2, build 88191, platform machos

I have been getting a huge number of random crashes - I updated to the latest version yesterday and still crashing.

At first I thought it only happened when I had listening switched on (which I would like to leave on permanently) but this morning it happened when editing and listening was switched off.

Every time a crash has occurred, I have used the crash dialog to submit crash logs, along with my mail address but not heard anything back from Active State.

This simply has to be resolved or I will be forced to return to using phpEd in a VM which I’ve been using for years with no crashing.

Thanks for submitting your issue on Github (https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/1007) We’ll go from there.

@mitchell can I close this topic? Seems like you’re tracking it on GitHub.

Yup, go ahead @Defman. Thanks!