Komodo IDE Nightly Build 89382 update failed

This morning I received notice that a new build is available. After clicking the install button I get a dialog that says “Software Update Failed. The update could not be installed. Please make sure there are no other copies of Komodo IDe running on your computer, and then restart Komodo IDE to try again”. There are no other copies of Komodo running and trying again does not resolve the problem.

I’m running 10.0.1 build 89222 on Windows 10.


This was a broken build. Don’t worry about that.

Ok thanks. I’ll stick with 89222.


On a sidenote you would not have gotten this update if you were not on a nightly build. I suggest you switch to the stable Komodo build by download it from komodoide.com so you don’t get unstable builds (unless this is your intend).