Komodo IDE 9 - SSH and Git

Hi Komdo Friends,

is there any way to get Git “scan” working on an external server (internal network)? I have a Debian development server, added this Server via “Preferences -> Servers” as SSH. I am using Git in some projects, but Komdo IDE do not recognize the Git Repos in these projects so i cannot use Git Tools in Komdo IDE. I have added a root Directory of my Projects as server root. In these directories there are folder with the projects and the .git repos.

I thought Komdo IDE should find these .git repos in the folders and let me use the Git Tools. But it seems that Komodo IDE doesn’t recognize the Git repos.

What can i do?

As a quick workaround i’ve created a “Run command” Tool with Dialog (for commit message) (for every single project) and run the command manually via this “shortcut”. But it would be nice to get the Git Tools itself working on network servers.

Maybe someone can help me with this.

Thanks and best regards!

Komodo automatically recognizes git for your current project folder, meaning the folder you have open in your Places widget (left pane). This folder needs to be the root of your git repository for the integration to work best.

If this is not working please ensure that you have git properly configured under Preferences > Source Code Control > Git.

Thanks nathanr,

i’ve selected my remote folder as root folder in the “Places” widget. See screenshot attached.
In this folder “Desktop” (this is a Desktop version of a project, not my computers desktop) there is the .git Folder. But i have no SCC options available.

The Settings under Preferences > Source Code Control > Git are not much. On local Git repos it works fine.

I have no clue what to do now. How can i use the Git Tools on the remote servers Git Repo now? What am i doing worng?


My apologies, I was thinking Komodo 10.

Komodo 9 does indeed have some issues with git. I would strongly encourage you to update to Komodo 10 (Komodo X) as it will likely resolve your issue.

If you prefer to stick with Komodo 9, I believe for git Komodo 9 only supports VCS commands on files, not folders. So opening a file and right clicking the tab should give you Source Code Control commands.

I have Upgraded to Komodo 9 a few weeks ago and asked the support if there exists a (free) upgrade within period x after purchase. Still no answer.

You are sure Komodo x will work with git on remote places via ssh? What if I upgrade and it does not work :)?

Btw: why is Komodo 9 not working as it should. It seems like a bug for me. Local gits works well. Remote should work, too - but do not.

What about fixing bugs in my brandnew purchased (4 weeks?!) Komodo 9? Or is Komodo X the only supported version now?

Sounds for me like “it should work, but it do not work. Upgrade and pay for the new version and then it will work (maybe)”. Maybe I will shortly test that with a trial version.

What options do I also have? I just don’t want to spend the next hundreds of dollars. Can the upgrade price from Komodo 8 to 9 get refunded in case I will upgrade to Komodo x? Do you have any information about that?

Oh I forgot: if I open the file in places I do not get the source control commands. They are listed but disabled. On local files it works fine.

I checked our support database but could not find any recent tickets with your email. Please send your request via http://www.activestate.com/company/developer-sales-support-contact

If you bought Komodo 9 shortly before 10 there is a very good chance Sales will upgrade you at no cost.

I’m afraid we only support the latest major version. To a degree anyway, we would fix any breaking bugs that would occur in 9 but as it stands that is very unlikely. Additionally the issue you are seeing is a limitation of Komodo 9, not a bug.

Every previous version of Komodo has had this limitation. With Komodo 10 we decided to give VCS some much needed love. I suppose you could boil it down to “upgrade and then it will work”, but this is kind of how software development works. If it didn’t we would not be able to have jobs, and Komodo would not exist in the first place.

From all you’ve said it seems very likely that sales would give you the Komodo 10 upgrade for free, don’t quote me on that though - I do not get to make this decision. Please use the link I shared above.

Places is by default local. Did you mean source code control is disabled on remote files? If so that is by design; we only offer VCS integration for local files.

The whole topic is about getting git repos from network places to work. As I said a few times: local git repos are working fine.

In places I am able to open a remote directory from the servers have integrated in Komodo (my office server).

So, also in Komodo x git on remote repos (on office server connected via ssh) will not work, did I understand that correct?

My apologies, I seem to have skimmed over that part :\ No we simply do not support VCS for remote servers (in any version of Komodo). If you really wanted to do this you could instead mount the remote server (using something like sshfs) and then Komodo would just interpret it as a local path.

I will try that. Thanks!