Komodo IDE 9/10 Go to definition & customization

Hi, I have a couple of questions / suggestions regarding Komod IDE 9/10:

  1. When I right click on a function name (PHP > Laravelle Blade Template): “Go To Definition” is grayed out. How do I get it to work? (Komodo IDE 9 & 10)

  2. I have a IDE 9 license and I have installed the 10.2 Demo. I have played around in the settings trying to get version 10.2 look close to 9, but 9 still looks much better. I need to get version 10 looking as clean as version 9 in order to upgrade.

The biggest issue, is the left side navigation panel, I cannot read the any file names as there is light text on a light background (Classic Mode). There are no more version control icons either.

Finally, all the custom preset editor colours I set in version 9 is completely different in version 10.

Screenshots of each verison.

Version 9:

Version 10.2:


Hi there.

  1. Go to definition is not available in Laravel Blade. We provide codeintel for PHP but Laravel Blade is a templating language for PHP we currently do not support codeintel for.

  2. I would recommend you try out the following settings in Preferences > Appearance:

Komodo 10 won’t ever look identical to 9, that’s not what we’re aiming for. But the classic mode settings bring it back into the same range for those who prefer that.

Thanks. I have got the interface looking cleaner, but will take some time getting used to. As I work with laravelle and drupal 8 a lot, code profiling for Blade and Twig would be a priority for me. Any plans on support it in a future release?

Not at the moment. I would recommend posting in the Feature Ideas forum.