Komodo IDE 10, Tabs list not visually separated


in 10 tabs edges have the same color as that of itself.
(In 9 it has 1px borders).

Please return this borders and also make them thinner…

What color scheme? This is is not an issue in the default scheme.

If you simply do not like the way it looks in the default scheme then unfortunately that is not something we are likely to change unless we get a significant amount of feedback about it. However you are able to change it yourself quite easily using the color scheme editor.

Default (dark):

Classic (light):

and how it was in IDE9 (Default):

I not like dark themes and use customized Classic theme, but issue same for dark and light themes.

Visually it is perceived as a single string, what if have files with space in filename, “my super best file.php”…

And about fat tabs line… this is issue on normal screens, like FullHD 27", on HiDPI - thickness looks fine. (Same for scrollbar).

That is by design. If you wish you could add the following CSS to your color scheme to add borders:

Note I got a bit creative cause I wanted it to look nice, but border-right on the tab would have also done the track (albeit more crudely).

Here’s the code:

#editorviewbox tab:after {
	content: "";
	display: -moz-box;
	width: 1px;
	height: 21px;
	margin-left: 6px;
	margin-right: -7px;
	background: #303036;