Komodo IDE 10, Server Icon not showing or listing servers

Im tuning OS X El Capitan 10.11.5. The server tab is present however there is no icon displayed.
Also the server connections are not listed when the tab is selected. The servers are listed in the server preferences.

I had no problems with Komodo 9.3.
Anybody have an idea what it could be?

There’s no Servers tab for me (I’m using Komodo X nightly with a new profile), so I assume you’re using an add-on.

Thanks, it as an add-on I discovered. When I checked it out it says it isn’t compatible with Komodo X. Looks like I will have to find an updated or new add-on.

You can use Commando Servers Scope, I’ll update it now.

Install it, restart Komodo and press Ctrl+Shift+O. There will be an item called Servers (for me it’s under number 9), open it and you’ll see your servers. If you press Enter, it will establish a connection to it, if you press right key and press About - you’ll get some info about this server (username, hostname, password or path to the ssh key it’s using)

@louthy make sure you ping the developer of the addon that it needs updating and references this forum post to alert them to a bug that might need fixing as well.

@Defman thanks for that wicked(awesome, amazing, great!) contribution! I forgot about it!

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Slang for awesome / amazing / great.

Yeah we had a little discussion about it in PM, using this word isn’t a good idea though because it’s a slang and I thought that my add-on is bad, broken or something like that:

It’s common slang, I don’t agree it’s a bad idea to use it. It is however an excellent opportunity for you to learn more of the English language :wink:

I can’t learn all the slang :stuck_out_tongue:
However, this is too much off-topic.

Thanks guys thats working excellent. Just have to find my way around the new layout now.:grinning:

I installed it. Checked, exsists in addons list (ver. 1.1), then

got error message

Please report a bug on his repo:

Thats not my issue, looks like you have a snippet assigned to this keybinding. Just open Commando and find Servers.