Komodo Edit 9 - Macbook Pro SLOW!


I recently upgraded my Macbook Pro to the latest model (2015). I’ve been using Komodo for a couple of years now on my old Macbook and it’s been fantastic for me however the latest version, Komodo Edit 9, is absolutely ridiculous.

I cannot scroll up nor down without extreme lag/delay. Typing or even removing any characters is terrible. I’m not even talking about 1000 line of code, just a simple 107 lines with 4k characters.

I’m honestly debating whether or not my time is up with Komodo as I cannot use this at all. It’s causing stress more than anything!

Is there anything anybody could recommend me doing in fixing this?

Could you try the 9.0.1 nightly?


We fixed an issue on OSX causing 100% CPU usage.