Komodo Edit 9.3 keeps crashing on OS X El Capitan

I have an issue with Komodo Edit 9.3 on my Mac. It seems like approximately a third of the time when I edit a file on a remote server, the application stops responding when I save. After that, the application stays this way until I close it with Force Quit.
Sometimes it takes 10-15 minutes before it happens, and sometimes it happens right off the bath. This is rendering the application useless, which kinda sucks because I like using Komodo.
Is this a known issue? Is there any fix for it?

There were some ways to optimize remote editing but I don’t remember what prefs you should disable, @nathanr or @careyh could you help? It’s something like update file when it’s changed on the remote side.

Have you reproduced your issue on any other servers or is it always the same one?

You could try the setting Defman suggested: uncheck Prefs > Editor > Detect when files ar change .. > Detect when networked file ..

The problem seems to have vanished after a few days, so I guess the servers I was connecting to were the real cause of the problem. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: