Komodo dies when working with big files

Hey, I’m not sure why and how to reproduce this but it happens all the time. Editor works, but IDE-part dies - autocomplete, go to defination, etc. Is there any logs in Komodo where I can check? I can also provide a file I’m having problems with, I can send it on dev’s email if needed.

There is. Your codeintel.log and stderr.log in the user data directory. I think CodeIntel reaches it’s memory quota (1GB) and then dies with Out of Memory exception. How much does your file weigh?

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In addition to what Defman said, Komodo’s code intelligence will not scan files 1MB in size. The 1GB limit is reached in really big projects, not files.

File I’m working with is 406 Kb. And when code intelligence dies, it dies for all opened files, not only for big one. Restarting Komodo helps to keep code intelligence back alive. I will post an error log when this will happen next time.

CodeIntel is a child process of Komodo IDE that is being used by different buffers, so if CodeIntel will die, any buffers will lost the ability to provide auto-completions and other things. CodeIntel should restart itself and there’s already an opened request for it:

What version of Komodo? Could you try doing a full profile reset (Help > Troubleshooting > Reset Everything), as my first though is that you either have a corrupt profile or addons/userscripts that are causing issues.