Komodo chooses Python not Python3


I’ve just installed Komodo 11.1 on Windows 10 and when running the code I get an error that Python interpreter is not found.

I do not have Python 2.7 installed, only 3.7.

I chose Python3 in the languages page and set up the Python3 path but I still missing interpreter message when running the code.

I can’t believe that it’s this difficult to set up the interpreter.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I can’t be sure why you’re having issues but make sure you’re setting the Python 3 interpreter and not the Python interpreter. Can you provide exact steps of what you’re doing if you’re certain you’re setting the Python 3 preference?

  • Carey

Well I don’t see the issue this morning.
I’ve tried different options and I can get it to fail as I previously reported.
However I do get this:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “J:\Programs\ActiveState Komodo IDE 11\lib\support\dbgp\bin\py3_dbgp.py”, line 105, in
import dbgp.client
File “J:\Programs\ActiveState Komodo IDE 11\lib\support\dbgp\python3lib\dbgp\client.py”, line 1975
def interaction(self, frame, tb = None, async = 0):
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

This same error was reported here:
Komodo 11.1, Python 3.7 x64, and it’s still not fixed.
It appears that Komodo 11.1 does not work with Python 3.7.
So now I can’t use Komodo because of this.
I do not intend to install another version of Python.
I’ll stick with PyCharm, which doesn’t have such bugs.

@charles1, I responded to the Python 3 issue in your other forum post already. Confirm you’re using Komodo 11.1.1.

I’m using Komodo version 11.1.0.
Tried to update and response was NO updates available.

Yep, you have to manually install nightlies. We don’t automatically update people to nightlis. That would be bad.

I think that by now the update should have been available as a matter of priority.
Out of the box, Komodo doesn’t work with Python 3.7.
It’s just not good enough considering the price of the product.
JetBrains fixed the issue very quickly and it wasn’t a nightly build.

That is your call to make @charles1, I’m just letting you know how to install the fix.

You may not need to upgrade to nightly if you can upgrade the file "J:\Programs\ActiveState Komodo IDE 11\lib\support\dbgp\python3lib\dbgp\client.py”
with replacing “async” with “asynchronous”
That will do it and it work like charm with 3.8.
Also for the debugging I did comment out the lines that I don’t want to see in the _getIncomingDataPacket function.

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