Komodo and Flask

I have started new project with Flask recently. I also found that information in the Komodo description:

Komodo also supports the most widely used Python web frameworks,
including Django, Flask, Pyramid, web2py and more, with code completion
and quick opening of project files.

In what way does komodo support flask?

Komodo supports Flask in many ways:

  • Debugging Flask Python applications
  • Code intelligence (APIs) for Flask modules
  • Web support (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript), commonly used when writing templates and pages


Thank you for the answer. I was hoping that there is a more “specific” support (like django template syntax, but for jinja2). Currently I use django template syntax checker for flask templates (as they are very similar), but there are some issues…

That could be a possible feature improvement (support Jinja), being very similar to Django it shouldn’t take too long (not sure of the syntax checking though).

Note: It would be best to create a Komodo enhancement request here:

Thanks Todd, will do it now! (and hope to see it in 9.0 :slight_smile: )

However somebody has already created that feature request https://bugs.activestate.com/show_bug.cgi?id=102989

Ah, didn’t notice that (and it’s assigned to me :P). In that case add yourself to the bug CC-list and you’ll be notified of progress.


You can use this add-on for Jinja2 support: https://bitbucket.org/hongquan/komodo-jinja

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