Komodo and Big Sur

I have installed MacOS Big Sur on my Mac. For two days Komodo IDE 12 has worked properly, but suddenly the program freezes at the start: the wheel is spinning constantly, I only can stop the app by means of ‘Force stop…’.
I have removed the app and installed it again, but with the same result.

Is this a problem of the combination KOMODO - Big Sur?

If you’re able to get Komodo started at all, try Help menu > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-Mode.

if you can’t get Komodo started at all you should be able to use this post to do that manually: Important File Locations
See the Overriding The Profile Folder Location section.

  • Carey

Hi Carey,
thanks for your reply. But helas, but the same problem still arises.
After starting Komodo the ‘I am busy’ wheel imedeately starts spinning and doesn’t stop (until I force Komodo to stop). So I cannot even open the Troubleshooting function.
I have also followed the instructions from teh site you refer to, but I constantly got the message that the file or folder could not be found.

I have also completely removed the profile folder (in fact I renamed it), and after starting Komodo I got the three screens, asking me for the setup of the program and after that, the ‘I am busy’ wheel took over again.
Completely uninstalling Komodo and reinstalling it: same result.

Fortunately I can use Windows version of Komodo (under Parallels), so I can go on, but it is strange that the Macos version refuses to work.

Thanks for looking as this problem

Morning @vampeters,

Thanks for trying that. Can you repro the issue then share your logs from that same profile folder? It’s the pystderr.log file.

At the moment I unfortunately don’t have a OSX machine that I can risk upgrading especially how gleefully Apple has been putting out breaking changes. I’ll try to get my hands on one but in the mean time I’ll have to see what info we can gather from your system.

  • Carey