Komodo 12 Preview Now Available


Today I’m happy to announce the availability of the Komodo 12 preview. The focus of this release is integration with the ActiveState Platform through the State Tool.

Integration with the ActiveState Platform will provide you with the following functionality in Komodo:

  • Virtualized runtime environments, don’t worry about your project dirtying up your systems language install
  • Dependency management through the ActiveState Platform
  • Script & Secret management, using your runtime environment so anyone contributing to your project can easily run the same scripts

To find out more about the new integration and what it enables you to do check out our documentation.

Besides the new ActiveState platform integration this release includes a ton of bug fixes, check out our release notes.

This release is a bit smaller than our major releases have been in the past and will be free for anyone with a Komodo 11 license. We’ll have a big announcement explaining the major version when we release the final version early next year.

To try out the Komodo 12 release use one of the following download links:


Komodo IDE 12 is now released, check out the announcement.

Please report any issues you encounter to our bug tracker.

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