Komodo 10 highlight closing paren or brace?

Can t find where the setting that disables brace highlight in Komodo IDE 10. Its defined in my color scheme. What am I missing. Help!

Open Color Scheme Editor (Prefs - Color Scheme), select “Editor” in the dropdown list and set the same background and foreground for bracehighlight item.

bracehightlight and match_highlight are properly defined in the color scheme.

bracehighlight works fine for me, so have a look at per-language styling, maybe it’s defined in all other languages.

Odd - closed and restarted komodo. now its working.


I think you just didn’t apply your changes. However, nice to see it’s working for you now :slight_smile:

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yep, what @defman said. You have to “apply” the new scheme before you close the dialog. It’s an explicit step.