KoIDE10.x ;; improve performance when editing in a git-enabled directory


NikkieFrowent is a new user of KoIDE and she has noticed that the editor/IDE gets a little sluggish when she is editing a file that is part of a git repository. She has a strong inkling that it is because of the built-in git-compatibility features in KoIDE.


Is there a way to temporarily disable the git-compatibility features, in order for NikkieFrowent to test her hypothesis?

@dreftymac you can disable git using the old addons menu Tools > Add-ons (legacy) there will you find the git addon.

Noticed I had to turn on “Use native window borders” (under preferences > appearance) to be able to scroll inside the addon manager (windows 10).

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One other suggestion: if you are editing VCS controlled files while having the VCS widget open then this can cause a slowdown as well. The solution is simply to hide the VCS widget.

Note this should not be a problem for 99% of users, but on slower systems or on very large VCS repositories this could cause slowdowns.