KoIDE10 ;; close all tabs to the right of this tab



  • KoIDE10


  • CroakyCarolOptimist loves the power of tabbed interface.
  • She noticed that she uses them a lot though, and her environment gets quickly cluttered with them.
  • Sometimes she wants to close a lot of tabs at once, but without closing all of them (minus one) per the close others feature.
  • She noticed that the google chrome browser has a feature to ‘close-tabs to the right’
  • She now is wondering how to replicate that feature in KoIDE10


  • Does anyone have a suggestion on how CroakyCarolOptimist can implement this feature?
  • Is there an addon out there that does this? or can she do it with a userscript?
  • Where can she get started to find out more about this feature?


I remember such a request on github. I’ll link it later.


@dreftymac there’s the issue:

You can probability achieve this by using an userscript, but if you want to add the menu item you will probably need a overlay.
For adding a overlay you need to create an addon.

I don’t know when this feature will be implemented.

I also use this function almost in a daily base in FF so I would love to see this feature coming to Komodo.

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@dreftymac i was playing around with a old tabs userscript I created a time ago and got it sorted how to close the tabs to the right. Wrapped it in a addon so I could create the menu overlay.

You can download the addon from here ( right click “save link as” and then just drag and drop it into komodo ).