KIDE 9 forgets my tab ordering in left/right/bottom panes

I order the tabs to my preference, and the next time I start komodo, the tabs are back where they were before I moved them.

That issue deals primarily with the height of the bottom pane, and has been marked as closed. I am using 9 official and the nightly. My issues are not closed. Pane tab configuration still doesn’t stick.

Combine panes, resize, etc. It all resets on restart.

Btw you able to create a new issue :wink:

I use Komodo as a tool in my job. Komodo is not my job. I assume that the folks whose job is Komodo will examine my support issue and enter a bug to track or communicate steps to fix the issue.

Happy to report the issue here, but I’m not Komodo QA. I think the issue has detracted more than enough from my job time already. The ball is yours, Komodo devs!

I’m not a Komodo developer and Komodo aint my job (at the moment) but anyway here’s the report:

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