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I am a user of Komodo IDE. In version 9 I was able to use the command “Run Script” without options dialog using CTRL + F7. After upgrading to version 10 this command became CTRL + R, now I have upgraded to ver 10.0.1 and CTRL+R is gone, and it is not possible to use CTRL + F7 either. In the least of key bindings in the preferences there are options called “Go/Continue” and “Go/Continue - skip options dialog” (associated with F5 and CTRL +F5) but the option “Run Script - skip options dialog” is just not there and therefore it is impossible to associate key bindings to it.

These changes to key bindings that are used all the time by developers are highly annoying. Any help would be welcome.

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@ABorsic you can set up your custom key binding for it (preferences > key bindings > run…):

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, it is no longer possible to do so: CTRL+F5 is associated to “Go/Continue - skip options dialog” but there is not equivalent “Run Script - skip options dialog” to associate CTRL+F7 to (please see attached screenshot) … this was a standard binding in previous releases of Komodo IDE



Hi, there actually wasn’t a “Run Script - skip the Options dialog” in Komodo 9 (I just checked). It has been “Debugger: Go/Continue - skip the Options dialog”. There is a “Legacy” key binding scheme if you prefer the old scheme.

They are annoying and we (I) apologize. We came across an issue with the new keybinding set I created:

I resolved it by reverting some of the changes (you can use F7 again) I had made but still trying to keep all commonly used commands (stepin, stepout, stepover) under your right hand, while not stepping on other common global functions (ie. stepin was F11 before which in most programs is Full Screen).

Again, sorry for these changes but we really felt that it was necessary to simplify the keybindings and make them more intuitive.

Hopefully I’ve clarified the issue.

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PS. As @mitchell mentioned, you can use the Legacy keybinding scheme to get the old keybinding set.

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Thank you very much for this info !



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