Javascript error

Newbie here. I have some javascript files I have been working with in IDE 10, updated. I just started getting the error:

[Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [koIInvocation.getExecutable]” nsresult: “0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)” location: “JS frame :: chrome://runinline/content/sdk/runinline.js :: this._runFile :: line 80” data: no]

Thinking something had gone amiss in Chrome (I have no line 80 in the html file), I edited preferences to use Firefox but the error message didn’t change. Perhaps I didn’t change the right preference. Can someone please tell me where I have run amiss. I am running Komodo IDE 10 on Linux (Mint).
Thanks for any help.
Edit: If I use the dropdown and select open in Komodo tab it works OK but opens a new tab. If I select Firefox or Chrome, it works OK in the browser. Just not in Komodo. Color me confused.

It looks like you are trying to use the “run-inline” feature, which just executes code and shows the result in a popup dialog. What exactly are you trying to do?

Yes, I have some html files with Javascript in them that I have been working with. Ran fine until recently. If I test the file in Firefox or Chrome or in a(new) Komodo tab it runs fine. But, if I click the little lightning looking thing to run in line, I get the above error even if there is no script in the file. Just create a new html file with the template in it and it fails. Again, I don’t know what triggered it but I have installed the latest updates.


You don’t understand the meaning of Run Inline. This is intended to be used whenever you want to execute some code (PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, etc.). For example, If you will press this button in a ruby file, this command will be executed:

$ ruby /tmp/runinline.rb # (actually, STDIN will be read by that)

This is not intended to be used as browser preview.

This is a bug. You can’t use run inline on an html file. There shouldn’t be a Dynamic button showing. That is the root of the problem here. @louyo correctly assumed that that button should do something for the current file but it doesn’t and it fails.

I’ll file a bug report. Thanks for bringing this up, @louyo .

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Here it is:

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I’m so confused what this topic is about, I’m seeing 3 different discussions, one about a javascript error, one about console.log (lowercase!) and one about php start tags. Is there anything that actually still needs to be addressed?


  1. Run Inline doesn’t work properly if you don’t select <?php in a php file. (which is not the case in most situations).
  2. A way to change interpreter that’s being called when you run inline javascript files (currently it uses nodejs binary, a way to use v8 engine or spidermonkey would be appreciated by @babobski)

The actual issue has been resolved. Me and Carey described how Run Inline works and why it’s not working for OP.

Everything is now in their own topics. We will continue to discuss in them.

Thanks for cleaning up @Defman