Is there a way to hide the tab bar?

I typically have 20+ tabs open at any given time, and I use the “Open Files” side bar as vertical tabs, so the tab bar itself is just taking up extra space. Both Gedit and Geany (the two editors I’ve used previous to Komodo) allow for hiding the tab bar. Is there a way to hide the tab bar in Komodo? Komodo is almost perfect, it’s great enough that I have officially made it my go-to editor, hiding the tab bar is just one of the few things I want to do to make it my perfect editor.

And I want to “completely” hide the tab bar, not just hide it’s icons or decrease the text size, I want it to be gone and have the editor window fill that extra space.

Pretty simple really - View > View Editor Tabs :wink:

Thanks, I actually just stumbled upon it, I have no idea why I couldn’t find it before :stuck_out_tongue:

Now Komodo is just about perfect, all it needs now is better support programming lanugages, and terminal pane.

Can you clarify “better support programming languages”? I think we’re doing a pretty good job but then I’m not sure what you mean.

Terminal pane is more or less in the works by myself (when I have time) and the community Does Komodo IDE have a built in Terminal?

Oh, you guys are doing an amazing job! I just mean that it doesn’t yet support things like error highlighting, tag completion, etc. And it seems that compile errors (at least for Java) don’t let you click on the error to take you to the line. Of course it might be because of how I’m doing it, I create a custom menu for each of my projects, and in my custom menu I have custom build commands, you know, with the toolbox thingy.

Regardless of the few features that seem to be missing (from my limited experience), this is still the best advanced editor I’ve found.

If you can’t tell I’m fairly new to Komodo :wink:

Oh it supports all of those things; but we do not support Java beyond simple syntax highlighting. We are targeted at Python, Perl, PHP, Tcl, JavaScript, NodeJS, Ruby and soon Golang. Java is not on our radar as there are already a lot of IDE’s out there that not only target Java but are also written in Java.

Note you can create support for Java by self, @ToryG.
Project - New from template - Create Komodo language and start work if you know what you do (and of course if you know UDL and Python like a boss).
PS add [Solved] in topic name is a good idea when you solve your problem. :blush:

I was refering to programming languages (Java, C, C++, etc), not scripting/markup languages. But yeah, I know there are plenty of advanced text editors and IDEs out there, but I really don’t like most of them, IDEs are absolutely horrendous (too bloated). Komodo Edit, even with those missing features for programming languages, is still my favorite editor for ALL languages.

And I know it’s not on your guys radar, I don’t expect you guys to change the focus of Komodo just for me, if I get time I’ll try to add language support for certain languages as Defman pointed out :smiley:

Komodo IDE has the features you named for the languages I summarized. It’s basically the same as Komodo Edit but with additional IDE functionality, see the Komodo-Edit page for a comparison.