Installing multiple versions of Komodo (OSX)

I’ve been urged to try 9.3 (OSX). I don’t want to copy it to my applications folder which will replace my existing working Komodo. I’d like to install it as Komodo 9.3, and keep my working 9.1

Is this possible?

Yup, just give it a different name. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m new to OSX. How do I give it another name between that and dragging it into the Applications shortcut? You know:
[Komodo IDE] -> [Applications]

You would first have to copy it to another location. eg. your downloads folder, then rename it there and then move it to Applications. This is because you cannot write to a .dmg file, which the Application is originally contained in.

Alternatively you could just rename the current version in your Applications folder and copy the new one with its current name.


OSX will tell you that an application already exists and ask you if you want to Keep Both, Stop or Replace. Select Keep Both and OSX will install the application beside your current Komodo with an added integer or something (Can’t remember off the top of my head).

  • Carey