IDE X selected text color in 'dialogs'

I have IDE X on Windows 7 x64 using what I think started as the ‘classic’ color scheme.

I see in the Find and other dialogs, the selected entry colors are black text on a dark blue background, which I can’t read.

I am having trouble finding where to change it in the color scheme editor. Need some help.

Ideally, the foreground color here would be white, on the same dark blue background.



@careyh This sounds similar to What is your advice?


Looks like you’re going to want to fix Interface > Selected in the Color Scheme editor (Prefs > Color Schemes). There is a foreground (ie. text color) and background colour (ie…background…).

  • Carey

OK, I got that. It looks more or less like in your screenshot. Even after fiddling with it, the actual color remains unchanged.

After looking at the diff in the checkin for issue 1345, I forced the foreground to white in the LESS editor…

And got the result I was after. I will monitor and see how it goes.

Thank you for for pointing me at issue 1345



BAH! My bad. I didn’t even read my own fix correctly. Note the name of LESS var used is @foreground-special. You should be able to set special instead of selected.

  • Carey

There is no special widget anymore in 10.1.1 IDE :frowning:

Its Panel Thematic now.