HTML Syntax Checker and <main> element

Using Komodo Edit 8.5 (2014). Receiving Error in Syntax Checking Status tab at bottom of screen. It is saying

  • HTML5: Error: <main> is not recognized!

Where can I tell Komodo to ignore this error, or where can I update the rules that Komodo Edit uses to determine HTML syntax errors?

[Edited to make sure <main> tag was marked as code so it wouldn’t be hidden in forum.]

Hey @CSeilr,

I assume you know 8.5 is about 3 years old now but in case you don’t I recommend you download the latest and use that.

Having said that a couple things to check:

  • Does Komodo know it’s an HTML5 file? It looks like it from the error but who knows. Top right of the status bar in Komodo 10. Bottom right of the status bar in Komodo 8.

  • Check your prefs: Edit > Preferences > Syntax Checking > select HTML5 form the language dropdown.

  • Use Komodo 10.

  • Carey

Yes, I do know it is three years old. I have been checking for updates, and it tells me that I have the latest version. I assumed that it was just abandoned in favor of the paid IDE. Thanks for pointing that out to me, so I will manually download a new version, and follow-up here.

Not at all. We’ve never supported auto-upgrades from one major version to another. Way too much changes to make that a consistently pleasant experience. Komodo Edit gets developed along side Komodo IDE. Glad I could clear that up for you!

Hopefully we can get your syntax checking issue sorted just as quickly.

  • Carey

Thank you for pointing out the new version. Version 10 syntax checking does not seem to be finding any problem with the <main> element.

I understand not supporting auto-upgrades for full versions, but a notification might have led me to the new version.

We have send out various notifications and emails. You may have perhaps chosen to ignore notifications in Komodo?