How to use version control easy way?

First of all I want to say that I never used GIT before, I have no idea how it works and I rly don’t want to learn it. Because it’s over-comlicated and over-comlicated things sucks by default. All I need from it is a version control feature via Komodo, that’s it. I know that there’s a lot of guides about GIT, and I tryed to watch them, rly, but i’m getting dizzy just from looking on them. And I’m not even sure what part of those guides do I need and what parts Komodo will do on it’s own. Is it even possible to work with GIT easy way? Or do I have to use consol all the time to tell GIT what files do I want to backup? If there is an easy way, please share your wisdom. And if not, please advice easier analogs. Thx.

Unfortunately Komodo only facilitates working with GIT, it does not strive to be a full-fledged GIT frontend that makes using the terminal redundant. If that is what you’re after I would suggest looking into some dedicated VCS software. I like Tower myself for Mac, otherwise there’s SmartGit but it can get a bit needlessly complicated.

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Thanks, I didn’t even knew that there’s GUIs for it. :smile:
Gonna try this now:

Oookay… So I downloaded “GitHub for Windows”, played with it a little bit and found out that stuff that I upload on GIT can’t be private for free… Private repositories costs 7$/month. What the hell?) I need my stuff to be private, I code it for my employer, not for public. I see there’s other repositories that Komodo can work with. Can anyone suggest something? I don’t know which one of them is good.)

You can’t use anything but Git? You have a lot of ways… but I’m say only 2.

  1. Create your own git on your server.
  2. Use bitbucket (in bitbucket private repositories are free, but only for 5(!) users (you can create a lot of private repositories, but you can add only 5 users to list of people who can see your repository, if you pay - you can add a lot of members to this list)).

And as I know, bitbucket works on Git and Mercurial (I don’t know about Mercurial, I never use this). So if you know how to work with Git - I recommend Git. If you don’t know - you can use Google and find a tutorial about working with Git (or Mercurial).
Or, If you speak Russian - I can learn you basics of git by 25$ absolutely free.

Github != Git. It’s like saying hostgator is apache. If you want free private Git hosting you could have a look at bitbucket.