How to stop Side panes from closing on editor focus

Since some weeks i have a problem with side-panes.
Before i could open the pane (left / right) and have focus an the code. Since some weeks, when i click on the code, the side panes close automatically.
Can i stop this?

Are you able to reproduce it in Safe Mode? (Help - Troubleshooting - Restart in Safe Mode)


I updated the thread title as it wasn’t descriptive of the content. This is not standard behavior and shouldn’t be happening which is why @Defman suggests trying safe mode. I second with his suggestion.

  • Carey

Thanks for help - this is what really helped and it works fine, as soon i close Komodo Edit and start again, there is the same problem. Can i start in save-mode and save this preferences?

Second thing is, that all Information about my servers are gone - but when komodo with pane correct works, i can install again my servers.

There might be an add-on or a userscript causing panes hide automatically.

Hi, thank you for this hint. I found a macro called “auto_toggle_panes” - don´t know where it comes … but removed, Komodo still works great as before …

thanks to all

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