How to migrate to komodo 10

I have seen posts by komodo users who have already migrated to komodo10.
I am still on komodo 9 which so far has been very very good and I would be reluctant to leave it unless komodo 10 is exceptionally better. Posts talking about the lack of a traditional menu bar with standard options ( File, Edit etc) and a " half-baked" UI in komodo 10 have strengthened my resolve to hang on to my komodo 9 until komodo 10 has been polished up.
In the meantime, however, I would like to try out komodo 10 for myself and get a feel of how it works while I still hang on to komodo 9.
In komodo 9 I have tried Help -> Check for updates but the result has been, “There are no updates”.
How do I get to download komodo 10? .

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You have to download it manually.

You really have to realize that the forums are the place where people will come to ask questions and complain. No one visits a forum to say "hey guys, you did a great job! That’s all I have… ". That said we’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of positive feedback over multiple mediums, and I am confident in saying that the positive feedback far outweighs the negative (which there will always be).

Where have you seen this? This is simply untrue.

I think you are reading into peoples opinions and taking them as fact. Nothing about our UI is half-baked. It vastly improves on previous experiences.

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