How to limit the number of .stats file

After enable “Do Pylint Checking” feature for Python language in Komodo, there will have a lot of *.stats files in “.pylint.d” folder. Is there any way to limit the number of .stats file?

I think these are generated entirely by pylint itself, and so it is not something we can have any effect on. Well, we could clean up that folder, but that would likely cause issues. Why are you looking inside a folder that is explicitly meant for pylint and not something that you’d likely be working in yourself?

The .state files are generated by pylint itself, they are used for caching stats. The .pylint.d directory will grow bigger and bigger if do not cleanup manually, it will consume disk space and slow down the performance. If Komodo can cleanup that folder during existing, it will be better.

According to the pylint documentation (, you can set a PYLINTHOME environment variable to point to a temporary directory (e.g. /tmp/.pylint.d on Linux). That directory should be cleared every now and then by the OS.

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