How to increase interface font size


How to increase interface fonts: main menu, left and right panels, and this popup (image below, don’t remember exactly how to call it).

Can I aslo change the menu and toolbar colors from blue.


Tools - Color scheme editor: Interface in the dropdown menu.

Ok, thanks.

May be this screen will help for somebody else.

@MaxA you’re screenshot looks a bit broken to me.
There should be a font selected and you’re missing colors in the left column:

Also you have the same foreground and background color selected for the interface, that doesn’t look quiet right.

Do you have colors when you are on the on the editor tab?

Thanks, working Ok for now.
Don’t want to multply the topics, so I’ll post the related question here.

How to change the menu and toolbar bg color from blue to …

The Toolbar item.

@MaxA, please create new threads for new issues. Only part of the goal of the forums is to get your problems fixed up. It’s also for future users to find issues and their solutions. If you put two different topics in one thread it makes it harder to find the relevant one.

  • Carey

I got he problem with the interfece font again.
Now I can change font-face, color (as you see this terriible color), but not font size.
A applied even 36px - no effect.

1rem or 1.1 (1.2, 1.3, etc.) rem should work.

There’s a bug related to non-rem values not working: