How to get automatic authentication of user login in version 9.1.0?

I have two pc’s with different versions of Komodo IDE on them. PC ‘A’ has version 6.1.3. PC ‘B’ has version 9.1.0. On PC ‘A’ it allows access to my files on a remote server without asking for my login information. There is an authentication file in my Documents folder that I think is telling Komodo my info. On PC ‘B’, it continually asks for the login information repeatedly on the same session. I see the same authentication file in my Documents folder on PC ‘B’ and ‘A’. How do I get the newer version of Komodo to automatically authenticate user login information?

I assume you’re using SSH? Ensure that the private key is chmodded properly (chmod 600 mykeyfile). Also try and open an ssh session from your terminal with the key you’ve stored to ensure that it’s working properly.

Depends what OS you’re using too. Are you on Windows?

  • Carey