How to exclude folders from Publishing

I am trying to figure out how to exclude folders from publishing, but I am having no luck.

Right now I have

In my excludes. The cgi-bin folder appears to hide, but not the documents/files folder. I only want to exclude documents/files since documents folder has files I want to sync.

Hi @mjbrancato,

You could try uploads;files;cgi-bin. That would obviously exclude all folders called files though. We don’t have explicit support for excluding paths.

  • Carey

I had tried that and it did work, but unfortunately, I have other cron and ajax files in the “files” folder in a different location, so those don’t sync then. Is it possible to allow directory paths in a future update sort of like git allows?

Yep, that’s what Enhancement Requests are for. Someone beat you to it though:

  • Carey

Thank you, but this looks like it is for find in files and not the Publishing feature?

It is not just for Find in Files. Note the second comment:

It’s the same tool under the hood which is used in multiple user interfaces.

  • Carey