How to add server entries to Komodo non manually / How to start a remote server connection from an user script?

I have a big list of FTP servers in my Filezilla but want to use the Remote Folder feature of Komodo.
I manually copied a few entries over, but that would take years.

I have some programming skills, and I already converted the XML file of Filezilla to include the decoded passwords (they were only stored base65 encoded).

Now I have a big XML file with all those credentials. Is there a possibilty to get this into Komodo?

I already found out that the logins are stored in a file called login.json.

Can I just add them to the JSON file?

How are they encoded/encrypted there?

Would be great if someone could help me :slight_smile:

Sorry I do not have any information I could share with you. You would have to backwards engineer the format of that json should you really wish to do this. We do not provide any tools to batch import server credentials.

I just want to find a way to avoid sitting down for some days and manually type in like 200-300 server entries in the server list.

Right now I already found out you are using the Firefox password manager internally for it:
…and even can display the passwords used - what I wouldnt even need, because I just need one direction…
Pushing in server entries somehow.

(Btw, maybe the visible passwords “feature” should be disabled?)

Well I tried to dig trough the source code of Komodo Edit and found at least the pref pane - - but I am a bit lost on where it is saved, its a big project to look trough so I thought you maybe could give me a hint where the saving function is so I could maybe work on a js or something like this who pushes in the entries.

As an alternative, a way to create a big bunch of userscripts, like, one for every server. That would also be a solution that could be created quite fast and in an automatic way. And also be portable for the use for coworkers.

Servers and credentials are stored in KOMODO_PROFILE_FOLDER/XRE/logins.json. Passwords are encrypted though. Also there’s KOMODO_PROFILE_FOLDER/XRE/key3.db which is related to servers but I don’t know how it’s related.