How do I enable mysql calltips in komodoedit 10

When I enter code ie,

$res = mysql

I get a dropdown that only shows mysqli functions. Previously, the dropdown would offer mysql and mysqli functions. How do I enable mysql functions?

Komodo Edit Version 10.1.2 running on Win 10


I assume this is because current catalog of built-in things in PHP in Komodo 10 has been generated for PHP7 that does not have mysql_ functions anymore.

Interestingly, I have three machines, 2 desktops and a laptop with KE 10.1.2 installed. One desktop shows mysql and mysqli functions. The other 2 only show mysqli. All are Win 10 and KomodoEdit 10.1.2


It appears PHP 7 removed the mysql module (which was deprecated in PHP 5). Your machines that are showing mysql_ completions are not using PHP 7. (At least, to Komodo it looks like you’re using PHP < 7.)