How can I open menu items using the keyboard?

I’d like to use my keyboard instead of the mouse to access menu items in Komodo. A Windows standard is that the ALT key activates the menu bar. The underscore that appears under each menu item indicates the hot key: alt-f to open the file menu, alt-e to open the Edit menu, and so on. This works as I expect in Komodo 8.5. It does not work in 10.0. Is this just my configuration or have the keys been changed?


The ALT menu works fine for me. What happens when you press it?

I just restarted Komodo and tried again. Now it’s mostly working. The only problem is that the menu’s are not selected when I press ALT. I thought this might just be a color scheme setting but I’m still not seeing anything change visually when I press ALT after changing it to Ashes_Dark.

You’re right there is no way to arrow through the first level of menu’s, you’ll have to press the corresponding letter key (which is underlined).