Goto definition with ctrl+click

i have decided to try a new ide out and someone recommended me komodo back in the day. i like it quite fine, however, i really miss the ctrl+click feature that most IDEs have. and that is that by doing this gesture you are taken to the function/class/whatever definition

right now it only inserts a duplicate caret so you can write same text at multiple places at once. i have found this thing called “Code: Go to Definition” in the keyboard shortcuts and i can bind a keyboard shortcut to it, but i have found no way to assign it to a combination of a key + mouse click

having to click somewhere and only then hit some keyboard shortcut isn’t comfortable at all

See that:

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Hi, most of the time, when Komodo can find the definition of a symbol, Ctrl+Click will jump to it as you would expect. However, when Komodo cannot find a symbol definition, it will place an additional caret upon Ctrl+Click. There are a few edge cases when the symbol under the mouse cursor is special, such as a CSS color as Defman pointed out. In that case Ctrl+Click will perform another action, like show a color picker.

Which version of Komodo are you using? The latest 9.3.2 shouldn’t be giving you any problems. If you can use the keyboard to jump to a definition, then you should be able to Ctrl+Click too, seeing as how the symbol was recognized.