GIT support in Komodo 10

Hello, sorry to insist on what other people have been mentioning in another thread on version control icons no longer available. My problem is not only that the icons are gone but the whole support of GIT, which was quite acceptable in previous versions and now is (a) broken (b) incomprehensible in version 10. It is impossible to select GIT for version control using the standard release and, when using a further build that supposedly alleviates this, it is maddening to select the repository of the file -which should be obvious. There is definitely something totally broken in the way GIT is supported and, moreover, the intended user interface for supporting GIT is very poor. I hope that this will be quickly corrected, since it is not comprehensible why this regression took place.
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If indeed your git integration is “broken” then of course it would also be “incomprehensible”. How would you be able to comprehend something that does not work? My meaning being that if indeed git is broken for you please refrain from judging the changes before you’ve had a chance to try them as they were intended. All of the changes made to VCS were with GIT in mind, so I find it very hard to believe that anyone who would be able to use the feature as intended would find this to be “incomprehensible”.

All that said, can you explain what you are seeing? Is any part of the VCS integration working or is it all broken? Could you explain how your git project is set up and what you are pointing Komodo to?

Thank you.