FTP issues

I have trial Komodo IDE 9 . I cant get FTP to work. I was a dreamweaver user. I like Komodo, but I like to see if remote will work. Running w7, thur netgear router. using passive, port 21, Username and password are good. Checked firewall all is good. The ftp on dreamweaver works, but not on Komodo.

Hi @geeman,

You will want to try Komodo 10. I fixed an issue in our FTP handler (upgraded it to a new version) for Komodo 10 which resolved an issue that might be what you’re hitting. I can’t be 100% sure with the information you’ve provide but you might as well you 10 if you’re only trialing 9.


  • Carey

Thank You Carey

No problem @geeman. Do let us know if that resolves your issue or not.

  • Carey