Focus mode should have default key binding

I found View > Toggle Focus Mode. Wow, that’s cool! My editors and translators will love that! But it has no default key binding, and I took me forever to find out how to get out of focus mode.

If I get my editors and translators using Komodo, it needs to be set up to work decently out of the box, so it needs to have some default key binding.

Worse, to set up a key binding, I have to change the default styling scheme! The key binding should not be tied to the scheme. If I were, for example, to try to get around the lack of a key binding by shipping my translators a default key binding file, would it also override the scheme they chose?

Can we at least get a default key binding for toggle focus mode? I think F12 might be nice ---- that’s what browsers use to show/hide the development tools.

While we’re on the subject, why is full-screen Ctrl+K, F11? Why not just F11 like browsers, etc.? Yes, I know I can change it… but why is this the default? Is plain old F11 used for something already?

Most of these defaults were established well before our current dev team started, so I cannot really give you any reasoning for that. However we are targeting a completely keybinding overhaul for Komodo 10, which will try to unify what developers have come to expect from their editors.

For your use case, you should be able to simply created your own keybinding scheme and share it with your editors. I’m not sure what you mean by it being tied to a scheme, if you mean you believe it is tied to a color scheme then you are mistaken. Key binding schemes are separate from color schemes.

You can find your schemes under the “schemes” folder inside your profile folder.

Well can we at least get some key binding for focus mode in the meantime? (I vote for F12, although I’m sure others would be just as good.)

I’m not sure what you mean by it being tied to a scheme, if you mean you believe it is tied to a color scheme then you are mistaken.

Ah, yes, I see now that the key-binding schemes are separate. I was rushing through and thought that I was changing the color scheme. I love it when I am mistaken and it’s not as bad as it seems!! :smile: Thanks for clarifying.

(What may have thrown me off is that I had just tried to change the default font, and that had seemed to make me create a whole new color scheme, so I thought it was creating a new color scheme for the key bindings, too. I’ll look into these scheme things more in depth.)

Given that you now know you can change the keybinding scheme separate from the color scheme do you still need a default from us? You could simply distribute the keybinding scheme to your editors, as well as any other customizations that you may want to have.

We pride ourselves in being a very customizable IDE, so this is something that is highly encouraged.

To answer your question though; it is unlikely that we will add a new default binding for this prior to Komodo 10, as we only currently have maintenance releases planned between now and then and maintenance releases as a rule can not have enhancements in them. No matter how small. That may seem excessive, but trust me when I say that we implemented that rule for a very good reason :slight_smile:

Yes. I’m sure there are going to be many, many things I have to customize just to get it to be minimally acceptable (we haven’t even started talking about output formatting), so as many things that I can get built in the better. My poor translators are already being subjected to a huge list of things (install Git, learn how to use it, install an editor, customize this, customize that…).

But overall this is really a tiny thing. If everything else just worked, I would have no problem living with this. I’m just giving feedback on everything—and this doesn’t seem that controversial.


Drat, I was trying to toggle the sidebar on and off, so I tried going into focus mode. I didn’t have a file open. So how to I get back out of focus mode? I can’t even find a menu anywhere…

Press Ctrl+N to open a new file, then access the menu from the statusbar (bottom left).

I would consider it a bug that you can enter focus mode without a file open, but cannot exit focus mode without a file open. Is there an existing bug for this, or should I file one?

@nathanr, do you agree that the current design is not intuitive?

I do. For what it’s worth a lot of this general UX will be vastly improved upon in Komodo 10.

(sigh) But (not directed directly at you) it always seems to be “the next version”. HTML5 support in tidy? Next version. etc.

The problem is that I’m having big doubts about how much time and effort I should invest in learning to program Komodo. I’ll post a separate topic on this; please respond there. (See Function/Expression Structure .) Thanks.

Ahem:frowning: So like I was saying…

What would you have us do, other than to fix something in the next version? It’s not like we can go back in time and fix something retroactively.

In this case it was punted to the major version because fixing it in a minor release could lead to more bugs due to the complexities involved. I understand your frustration but we are handling this issue as reasonably as we possibly can.

So, how DO you get out of focus mode??? I’m using Komodo Edit 9.3 and clicked on this and now the menu bar is gone, so I can’t do anything with it. The entire application window just shows a New Tab.

You can still access your menu at the bottom left of your screen in the statusbar.