Find/replace dialog pinned/active

Using Komodo 9 for windows, problem still existed in 8.x versions as well, cannot keep the find/replace dialog window active. I cannot pin the window or select an option to keep it up after pressing replace, etc. I really want this to stick around when invoked, but cannot find out …

Hi @david, the “pin” is used to keep the window on top. It doesn’t keep the window open. The functionality to keep the window open doesn’t exist. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

You can file an enhancement request here:

  • Carey

Note in Komodo 9.3 (for which the nightly is currently available) the find dialog has been replaced by an embedded find pane which you can optionally keep around for as long as you wish. Note you need to enable that from your Preferences though (by default it hides).