Find in Files Toolbar on Komodo IDE 10

Am I missing something or is there no way to show the Open/Find Toolbar on Komodo IDE 10? I’m using the Linux trial. Komodo Edit 9 has an option from View > Toolbars > Find in Files Toolbar.

According to the docs it should be the same, “View|Toolbars|Find in Files toolbar”

Apologies, there are still some sections of the docs that need updating. This feature has been removed as you can access the exact same functionality by ctrl+clicking on the breadcrumb folder you wish to search on and typing in your search string.

True. Still, I liked the other toolbar, it’s a shame it was removed.

This is probably just an example of people (me) that resist change too much. Thanks for the explanation of the current usage.

That’s fair. For what it’s worth it wouldn’t be too hard for someone to create an addon for this, but we didn’t feel it made sense to keep it in as a native feature (native features cost maintenance and thus time).

Understood, that makes sense. The response time alone is probably worth me pushing my work to buy the IDE.

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