Files Deleted when upgrading from Free Trial

My friend has been using the 21 day free trial of Komodo IDE for my web design class. The trial ran out today and they were prompted to upgrade, however when they did so, none of the files are there. Is this common? I don’t have access to the computer in question at the moment (they are in class) but I wasn’t sure if something in the upgrade overwrote the files on their Mac.

Hi @Matt_Fischer,

Komodo doesn’t delete anything from your computer unless you’ve told it to. Have you looked for your files where you saved them? You’ll want to talk to your teacher or school sys admin to find out what might have happened. I know some school clean certain drives over night so if you’ve saved files there they will be gone later.

Komodo is not likely the issue here so I don’t think we can help you very much unfortunately.

  • Carey