File shortcut in Toolbox

Followon from Guthub #638 (Feature Request: lockable tabs/files)

Using Komodo IDE 9.2.1 on Win7 x64

In a previous IDE release, I was able to drop the tab from an open file onto the toolbox, and have a persistent link to that file.

In the past few major releases (certainly 8 and 9, hard to remember 7), doing it results in an error (screenshot below). Is this working as designed (not supported)? Or should it be working?

Thanks in advance.


Hey @cdcmicro, I looked into this and I find no reference to being able to do this with arbitrary files but you can do it with folders. If that what you were doing?

I’ve looked through the docs from 9 to 4.4. I tried 6.1 and 9.2.1 am only able to drag and drop a folder. Ugly error I know. That could be a little more user friendly.

  • Carey

FWIW, the behavior I remember was to drag the tab of an open file in the editor, and drop it onto the Toolbox. The result was a link to the file. (double?) clicking the Toolbox link would open the file in the editor. Similar to a Template link, but a regular file.

Admittedly, it’s been a while since it worked, so my memory may be soft.

@cdcmicro, as I mentioned in bug 638 this should be reported as a regression (or maybe an enhancement since it’s been so long) report.

I can’t find any reference to it in the docs but if you can recall the version you were able to use this in then let us know and we can try and figure out what happened to the code.

  • Carey

OK, thank you for your assistance. At this point, It’s not worth the effort for me to go back and install IDE6 or IDE7. The feature request in #638, whatever it morphs into will be a welcome addition.

I’ve developed other work habits :grinning:

Sounds good. FYI, I tried 6.1 before replying originally and it didn’t exist there. I suspect it will be the same for 7 but I got some other stuff to work on so I won’t test that. Note my macro comment in 638. Hopefully that is useful.

  • Carey

I’m going to give the macro a try. Thanks for the tip.