Errore when select code Komodo IDE version 9.3.2

Hi i’m using komodo 9.3.2 and when i select the code it move the window, please watch this video
i’m using macOS 10.12 sierra

Hi drakele, are you able to reproduce this using the latest Komodo version? Version 10.1.1.

Do i need to pay to upgrage to 10.1.1 ( i already have license for version 9 )

If you would like to switch full-time to version 10 you would have to pay for an upgrade, for the purposes of this issue you could simply use the trial though.

Ok thanks you :slight_smile:

Hi nathan i have upgrade to 10.* but when i open file it show me a notice : Komodo was unable to open the file and i can edit or work on file

Could you share your error log when it happens ? Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File.

Here is my log file :

I think you’re using an addon or userscript that is causing conflict. Try uninstalling your addons or try a clean profile (see Help > Troubleshooting).

Now i got it :slight_smile: thank you nathanr !

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