'env' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file


Hi Hitesh_Chauhan,

try to put py “%F” instead of env LANG…“F%” . and make sure you installed python 3 version for windows or mac what ever OS you are using… and restart Komodo Edit if you installed python 3 after Komodo Edit. One more thing when you installing Python 3 choice add Python 3 to PATH…

hope this work for you.


Much thanks for the info, I was struggling about several hours looking for the fix!


Exactly – after about a year following your post, I made exactly the same mistake of applying Mac settings to my Windows computer in the aforementioned LinkedIn Learning course. :slight_smile: Saved a lot of time – thanks!

Bora Y.


I also fell victim! Thank you so much to everyone on this thread that contributed solutions - they still haven’t updated the LinkedIn learning guide with any sort of clarification. Probably driving a lot of traffic to this forum like myself!


Hi Manpreet,

Thank you for your reminding. I found the another tutorial and fixed this problem. I have to say that you save me much time.

I really appreciate it.

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