'env' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

@Hitesh_Chauhan : Try this on your windows machine & it should work. For command use %(python) %F


I received the following error message:

@Hitesh_Chauhan, it says it in the dialog, you need to configure Python in your preferences, Edit menu > Preferences > Languages > Python, in the Use this Interpreter browser to the Python interpreter.

Komodo should have picked this up for you if Python was on your system PATH.

  • Carey

Sadly its there… I completely give up…

Q1 | Open CMD prompt on your Windows machine and type python . What is the output ?
Q2 | Open CMD prompt on your Windows machine and type path . What is the output ?

@Hitesh_Chauhan, there is a subsection to that preference. See the > beside Languages? Click that THEN click Python.

@pranavdamele, those commands won’t output anything. Is that what your tutorial actually tells you to input into the commandline?

  • python just opens the Python shell. You should run python -V maybe?
  • path won’t print anything execpt something along the lines of this doesn't exist on your path. You’ll have to do echo %PATH% to get meaningful output.

Do you guys have a teacher to assist you with this stuff? The tutorial you’re following sounds like it’s missing a lot of information and is just broken in a lot of place.

  • carey

Maybe you could point me to the Tutorial so I can have a look?

Looks like when I selected the path to where Python is installed it doesn’t recognize it, unless I did it wrong.

@Hitesh_Chauhan, I don’t know what indicates to you in those screenshots that it’s not working, I don’t see any error. Select the python.exe executble and you should be good to go.

Oh I think I know what you’re hitting. The command you’re using is (%python) %F but you’re configuring Python 3. Change it to (%python3) %F so it uses the Python 3 interpreter.

  • Carey

I feel like we are making some small strides here… I am now getting the following error message.

Does it run in the command line? If it doesn’t then you’ll have to figure out whats wrong with your code.

I gave up in Komodo edit for Windows, I have spent several hours trying to get it to work, it’s time to call it quits. I appreciate everyone’s help here. I have decided to use it on my MacBook as that is what the instructor is also using, and it works. This is a Python class from Linkedin Learning and the instructor is impossible to get a hold of. Thanks all!

Ok - I got it to work on Windows too! I had to delete ActiveState folders from my C drive under Users. Every time I uninstalled it would save these folder and files, so this time i had a fresh install. Command py “%F” made it work.

Hey @careyh for Q1 The output would eventually tell me the version number that @Hitesh_Chauhan has installed.
And for Q2 typing ‘path’ at your CMD level NOT in python shell would help me in knowing if he has set python env correctly or not.

I had no idea you could just type path in a Windows shell, that’s so odd but handy.
I tried it with other variables and it does what I expected: 'pathext' is not recognized as an internal or external command. Thanks @pranavdamele, I’ll use that later.

To get the Python version you can just use the -V option, rather than opening and exiting a interactive shell.

  • Carey

Hi Hitesh,
Today, I started the same tutorials from linkedin and ran into same issues. I am using windows and now got it working with py “%F” command. Thanks for solving this issue. Your research saved lots of time for me…


Can someone please share the link to the LinkedIn tutorial that you’re all following? It’s clearly very broken for some platforms and it’s causing a lot of problems for people and the writer needs to be alerted that fixes need to be made.

  • Carey
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Hi Carey, Actually it is not like that. Let me explain it.
The tutorial actually explains how to set up on windows as well but the problem is the tutor first explains it for the Mac OS in a video and then there is another video that talk about the windows setup. Now, what happened with me and I think this is whats happening with most of people, when I started watching the tutorials I maximized the screen and was not aware if there is another tutorial that explains how to setup komodo on windows or I would say I was not aware that setup is different for windows and mac os (Actually tutorials are named as for windows and for mac os but because you don`t see the title of tutorial in full screen mode, you wont know if there is another tutorial that could explain whats going on). I was too frustrated as the example didn’t work and started looking online for support, instead of looking into next tutorial.
So when I resolved the issue and continued watching the tutorials I noticed the next video was about how to setup it on windows. :blush:

In case if you want to know about the tutorials then here it is:-

I hope I explained the situation well.