Does Komodo supports Promises in add-ons?

I’m developing an add-on and it has a lot of callbacks (or callback hell), i’d want to get rid of that. Does Komodo supports javascript promises?

Answering myself: yes! Love Komodo so much :heart_eyes:

Great that you found it :slight_smile: I don’t understand how promises are going to solve your callback problem though, all it does is make them more consistent really.

Imo the proper way of not get into callback hell is by not abusing anonymous functions. Be smart about your architecture.

Promises are much better than callbacks in the way how they works (for exapmle, async operations in the order of download -> do something with that -> do another things). There’s no way I could not go into the callback hell because there are a lot of async operations need to be done in specific order and some actions need to be done after those operations. I don’t think my architecture is bad, but once i release my addon, you could say something more about it. :slight_smile: